Plasma Fibroblast

As we age, the structures that support our skin deteriorate. The dermal layer of the skin thins and collagen production decreases. The elastin that gives our skin elasticity begin to wear out, deform and slide over the collagen fibrils preventing them from maintaining a solid structure. The Plasma Fibroblast treatment by Plexr® is cutting edge technology designed to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin- hooding of the eyelids, eye bags, crow’s feet, frown lines on the fore head and in between the eyebrows, lines above the mouth, marionette lines, folds of skin next to the ears and stretch marks. This treatment is very cost effective in comparison to other aesthetic procedures, such as cosmetic surgery. It eliminates the need for anti-wrinkle (Botox) and filler injections.

One of the major advantages of the Plexr® is the low risk of side effects. Because of the revolutionary way that Plexr® works, it is a highly attractive alternative to surgery, as it requires no general anaesthetic, scalpel, stitches or injections. The technology targets the epidermis, leaving the dermal layer below untouched, allowing for safe treatment of more delicate areas such as the eyelids. There are no leaking currents, no passage of electricity and no thermal/heat damage as with lasers and radio frequency. With this innovative technology, excess skin can be reduced almost instantly. Treatments are virtually pain free with little downtime. There is no risk of scarring or blindness, which are potential risks of surgical blepharoplasty. Approximately 7% of clients who have surgical blepharoplasty suffer asymmetry or unevenness after their surgery. This can be corrected with Plexr® Plasma Fibroblast technology. Plexr® is made in Europe and TGA registered in Australia. It is a 3-time aesthetic award winner in the UK and 1st time award winner in Poland (Perla Award).

The Plexr® treatment is carried out with a special probe-like instrument which is gently held just above the skin. It delivers controlled plasma energy to stimulate contraction and tightening of the skin. This treatment re-activates inactive fibroblast cells, called fibrocytes, in the skin to make Type 3 collagen. Over a period of 3 months Type 3 collagen turns into a tougher Type 1 collagen. This collagen is what provides the strength in our skin’s dense connective tissues. This results in firmer, tighter, fresher skin giving stunning, long lasting results.

One of the most common areas that clients want treated is skin around the eyes. Up until recently, the only non-surgical options were anti-wrinkle injections eg. botox under the eyes/crow’s feet and cosmeceuticals which only gave limited results. The surgical option was blepharoplasty. Plasma Fibroblast Blepharoplasty, a signature treatment performed with Plexr®, offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional blepharoplasty. It is safer, natural and cost effective. This versatile treatment involves no cutting of the skin, no stitches and doesn’t need a local anaesthetic injection - numbing cream is sufficient. With minimal down time, Plexr® is now the treatment of choice for people searching for a less invasive and more natural anti-ageing solution.

Unlike laser, the plasma interacts with tissue that is not chromophore dependent (molecules responsible for colour such as melanin and haemoglobin). The energy delivered is controlled so that excessive collateral thermal injury to surrounding structures in the skin is avoided. Unlike laser, the treatment is completely uniform. It does not damage surrounding tissue which remains fully intact immediately after the treatment and there are no open wounds afterwards. Most medi-aesthetic treatments target either the muscle or epidermal tissue whereas Plasma Fibroblast treats both the epidermal and dermal tissue in combination for a dramatic effect, leaving a natural, younger looking skin.

Plasma Fibroblast treatments are the gift that keeps giving. Parallel to the rapid formation of new epithelial tissue, a comprehensive healing response in the following 3 months ensues. This includes extensive dermal remodelling which includes new collagen synthesis, production of elastin, cross linking between collagen and elastin fibrils and reversal of the premature degeneration of dermal elastic tissue. New blood vessels will form which help regulate our immune response, cell ageing and growth of new cells. Results are seen instantly, however the best appearance will build up over a period of 4 weeks. After 2 months, the area that was treated should have fully blended with the surrounding skin. Results include:

  • Dramatic reduction of photo-ageing and superficial wrinkles
  • Partial to complete elimination of medium depth wrinkles
  • Spectacular tightening, skin lifting and skin rejuvenation
  • A marked improvement and softening of deep wrinkles

Anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the skin prior to the procedure to minimize any pain. During the treatment it will feel like a flicking or heat sensation which may be a little uncomfortable in some areas. Many people describe it as stingy or tingly but it is short lived.

There is far less downtime/recovery after the procedure compared to surgery. For removal of small lesions, no time is needed off work. Up to a week off work is recommended after having the eyelids treated as there will be some swelling and small carbon crusting.

This depends on the size of the area. Treatment of small areas on the face such as the eyelids, eye bags, crow’s feet and lip lines take approximately 30mins plus time beforehand for the numbing cream to work. You will also require a consultation beforehand.

On average, most people require 2-3 treatments to achieve results. However, darker skin types will require additional treatments due to low intensity application as will clients with large amounts of collagen loss.

UV (sun) exposure will compromise the treatment and cause pigmentation, therefore UV exposure should be avoided at least 4 weeks prior to each treatment and between subsequent treatments. The area to be treated should not be waxed 1 week before and 6 weeks afterwards. Eyebrow hair can be tweezed to remove the hair.

Yes, you can’t have the treatment if you take certain medications, have keloid scarring, have had other recent cosmetic treatments in the area to be treated, are pregnant, trying to fall pregnant, or breastfeeding. This will be discussed at the consultation.

You need to wait 6 to 8 weeks before your next treatment.

The area that has been treated will often be red, warm, tender and tingly immediately after the procedure. Swelling is common, especially around the eye area, which lasts for a few days. This can be relieved with cold/ice packs. Paracetamol may be taken for pain. In the days following the procedure, there will be the appearance of small tiny spots. The spots can be covered with a good quality professional mineral powder/makeup. Tiny carbon crusts flake off in 3 to 6 days and after 6 days it will be difficult to see that you have had any aesthetic procedure performed. After 2 weeks, the area that is treated may be slightly sensitive and look a little ‘pinker’ than usual.

The results last for up to 3 years (with many effects permanent). This depends on genetics and how quickly you lose collagen in the area. A single maintenance treatment is recommended every one or two years.


Smokers Lines & Lips

NasoLabial Fold

Upper Eye lids & Crows Feet

Stomach (Stretch Marks & loose Skin)