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We provide a variety of skin and permanent hair reduction services to help keep you looking great. While we are proud of the quality services and products we offer, we are so pleased that our customers agree. We constantly receive excellent feedback from our clients.

I wish I had seen Lithgow Laser Clinic years ago. My skin is much healthier looking. My friends and family keep telling me how well I look. My sister even said I look 10 years younger after my fractional laser treatments. I'd highly recommend these treatments for older ladies like myself-I am 70. Looking better gives me so much more confidence. I don't have wear so much makeup now. Shirley - Lithgow
At 56 my face was scarred and damaged from the sun. I had age spots all over and lots of wrinkles. The treatment I received from Elke removed, reduced and repaired all these areas and left me with a fresher, younger appearance and way healthier skin. Downtime was minimal. I pay a lot more attention to myself now and am so glad that I had this done. Kerry - Lithgow
My skin was dull, saggy, had lots of wrinkles and several sun spots. It looked just awful. My daughter was getting married and felt embarrassed about how I looked being mother of the bride. I've had five fractional laser treatments for sundamaged skin and am using the Jan Marini Medical products. Now my skin is fresh and healthy looking-less wrinkles, much firmer and the sun spots are much lighter, some are even gone. I feel so much more confident now. I am so happy with my skin now that I'll be booking in every 3 months for a maintenance treatment. Name withheld - Lithgow
My advice to anyone reading this who has struggled with facial hair is to start straight away. My biggest mistake is having waited years to get the courage to see someone about my embarrassing facial hair. All my hormone tests came back from my doctor as 'normal' but I was feeling really down about the hair on my lip, chin and neck and felt very self conscious that everyone was looking at it. Then several treatments at Lithgow Laser Clinic changed my life. No more lengthy time spent plucking the hairs out. No more growing the hair so it could be waxed. No more lumpy hair follicles-only nice smooth skin. I now only require one touch up treatment every two months. Elke is a registered nurse and understands the psychological effects that female facial hair growth can cause and was just as excited as me to see the fantastic results. Karen - Bathurst
I am 54 and have had rosacea for more than ten years. I have tried every prescription medication from my doctor-nothing worked, until I saw Elke at Lithgow Laser Clinic. I can't believe the difference the laser treatments have made to my skin. I also use the Jan Marini treatment products which have also helped reduce my sun spots and wrinkles which I wasn't expecting. Helen-Portland
I have polycystic ovarian disease so have tried every treatment under the sun to try and control hair on my face. Laser is the way to go! Excellent results after only a few treatments. Even after just one treatment, I noticed that my hair grew back much slower. Now, I have much less hair which grows so slowly, that I only need the occasional touchup treatment. Rebecca - Lithgow
I went to Lithgow Laser Clinic for hair removal after travelling to Penrith for a few treatments - what a difference! Elke at Lithgow Laser Clinic is very professional and does a very thorough treatment compared to what I had done elsewhere. She even spaces the appointments so clients don't run into one another. I know this sounds silly but I don't want everyone in Lithgow knowing what treatment I have had done. Highly recommended. Name withheld - Lithgow
I have suffered with acne scarring my whole life. It got me so down, that I avoided go out. Not any more. Five fractional laser treatments and you can barely see the scarring now. I only went in for the scars, but as a bonus, the skin on my face looks so much better now. I feel like a new person. Kathryn - Blackheath
I had really bad sun spots from sunbaking when I was younger. They became so dark that they couldn't be covered with makeup anymore so I went to Lithgow Laser Clinic for a consultation. I also had spider veins on my cheeks and was getting more and more wrinkles. I felt that I didn't look as good as other women my age (57). I started on the amazing treatment products from Jan Marini that were recommended, then had five fractional laser treatments, followed by three treatments for spider veins. Wow! What a difference. My friends at work keep telling me how good I look in such a short space of time. Julie - Lithgow
I developed really ugly stretchmarks when I was pregnant with my first baby. I couldn't wear shorts, swimmers or short skirts any more. After five treatments of fractional laser, they are almost gone. I don't feel so self conscious anymore. Kylie - Lithgow
I had really thick hair on my chest and back and felt that I couldn't go without at least a t-shirt on to cover it up. I had seven hair reduction treatments at Lithgow Laser Clinic and now I can go without a shirt at the pool or beach. Damien - Lithgow
I have rosacea and was very self conscious about my face because of comments that I was a drinker or that I was sunburnt. Being a man, I couldn't cover the redness with makeup. After five treatments at Lithgow Laser Clinic my redness is far better. I have a maintenance treatment every three months and use the medical products that are prescribed for me-so easy! Adam - Katoomba

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Lithgow Laser Clinic specialises in a number of reduction and removal treatments including Yag Vein Treatment, Photo-Rejuvenation, Fractional Laser, Permanent Hair Reduction and Microdermabrasion including stockists of products such as Jan Marini Skincare, blinc Mascara and Minerelle Makeup.


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