Product Information

Medical Prescription Products

Lithgow Laser Clinic also stocks treatment products that require a medical consultation prior to  purchase and follow up by a medical professional after starting the products. These products can not be advertised as they are classed as medical prescription, rather than cosmetic. These include:

  • Prescription strength anti ageing product combining the highest strength retinol, anti ageing peptides and antioxidants for superior improvement in the appearance of skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation.
  • Prescription strength pigmentation lightening agent that came in first against the gold standard traditionally used in medicine. Contains multiple lightening agents, concentrated retinols and multiple tyrosinase inhibitors to prevent further melanin formation.
  • Prescription strength, advanced, patented formula to deliver significant  improvement to skin on the neck without irritation or acclimation.

Call 1300 GO LASER (1300 465 273) or 0402 788 877 for a consultation.

Minerelle Professional Mineral Makeup

Do you think wearing make-up is bad for your skin-not Minerelle Makeup? Traditional makeup blocks pores and triggers acne and  allergic reactions because it doesn’t let the skin ‘breathe’ and contain chemicals which irritate the skin. Traditional makeup, including commercial mineral makeup are often bulked up with fillers such as rice flower and talcum powder to bulk them out and make them cheaper to sell-imagine what this does to your skin! Minerelle makeup is a professional mineral makeup made up of only pure minerals and does not contain fillers or chemicals, so it does not irritate your skin and lets your skin breathe -you can even sleep in it! Minerelle Foundation Powder contains zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide, both natural minerals, which sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s rays preventing UV damage.

Do you remove your makeup as soon as you get home? Not with Minerelle. It is totally weightless. Only a small amount is needed to get full coverage. Apply one layer to give you coverage similar to tinted moisturiser, two layers  for average coverage and three or more for a flawless coverage.

Please call us for advice on which colour foundation powder would suit your skin if you are not sure which colour to go with. We recommend that you use the Minerelle Foundation Powder Brush with your Foundation Powder Compact as it is designed to fit in the compact to minimize waste. The compact is compressed, so should last up to 3 months if used each day. The brush is made from all natural fibres.